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Analysts Coverage

The opinions of the analysts listed here are the responsibility of the analysts themselves, and do not represent the opinion of Cemig or of its managers.

Institution Name Phone E-mail
Banco J.Safra de Investimento Gabriel Brilhante 55-11-3175-8480
BofAML Felipe Leal 55-11-2188-4232
Lui Antônio Leite 55-11-2188-4157
Diego Moreno 55-11-2188-4223
Bradesco Francisco Navarrete  55-11-2178-5469
Arthur Pereira 55 11 2178-5850
Brasil Plural Caio Carvalho 55 11 3206 8251
Vitor Sousa 55 11 2920 8251
BTG Pactual Antônio Junqueira 55-11-3383-2579
João Pimentel 55-11-3383-3313
Citi Marcelo Britto 55-11-4009-2608
Kaique Vasconcellos 55-11-4009-2826
Credit Suisse Vinícius Canheu 55-11-3841-6290
Eleven Financial Carlos Herrera 55-11-4302-3340
GBM Murilo Riccini  56-2-2616-9841
Goldman Sachs Felipe Mattar 55-11-3372-3549
Bruno Pascon 55-11-3372-0103
HSBC Lilyanna Yang +1 212 525 0990
Itaú Pedro Manfredini 55-11-3073-3011
Raul Cavendish   55-11-3073-3011 
JP Morgan Fernando Abdalla 55-11-4950-3463
Carolina S Yamaguchi 55-11-4950-3768 
Henrique Peretti 55-11-4950-4229
Morgan Stanley Miguel F Rodrigues 55-11-3048-6016
Fernando P Amaral 55-11-3048-6121
Santander Maria Carolina Carneiro 55-11-3012-6682
Thiago Silva 55-11-3553-2555
André Sampaio 55-11-3553-7426
UBS Marcelo Sa 55-11-3513-6518
Votorantim Eduardo Cancian 55-11-5171-5868
Rodrigo Olivares 55-11-5171-5535

Dear Analyst, if you cover Cemig’s shares and your name is not on this list, or if any of the data above are out of date, please contact us by e-mail at Thank you.

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