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Cemig and culture

The caring for and promotion of cultural assets, the environment and social development are tasks undertaken by the Company with the same zeal and dedication it devotes to the production and distribution of energy.

While developing its own projects and sponsoring a variety of cultural events, Cemig also applies those resources as they benefit from state and federal tax exemption. Below are some of the actions and projects that demonstrate the Company’s stance in dealing with culture and citizenship issues.

The Magic Antenna

The most striking yet simple example may be The Magic Antenna project that, in 1998, brought a puppet show to the streets, plazas and parks of Belo Horizonte, in an attempt to reclaim the city’s green areas for leisure activities. While offering the city a gift for its 100th anniversary, Cemig also promoted free cultural and quality leisure activities. However, the Magic Antenna program also found another captive audience: sick children from hospitals and Medicare centers as well as those enrolled in the nursery homes of the state capital. As a result, the program, which had been designed especially for that celebration, was extended to future civic anniversaries, while maintaining its initial noble goals.

Cemig Fun Station

And who is to define the effects of a musical concert, both on the audience and on whoever is the performer? Multiple are the results effected by the Cemig Fun Station project that brings music and magic tricks over to more than 50 cities scattered throughout the state every year. Being a free show performed on a mobile traveling stage, it provides the audience with fun filled Saturday nights and opportunities for local actors up on stage. The Cemig Fun Station closes the show with the presentation by a local group, giving regional artists a chance to showcase their talent.

Art Gallery

Yet another opportunity proffered by Cemig is the Art Gallery located in the lounge of the Company’s head office at 1200 Barbacena Ave. in Belo Horizonte, where all artists who so desire may display their works. The gallery hosts 14 shows annually, 12 of which are selected by a Board of Curators following a public solicitation. In addition to providing a place for the artists to exhibit their talent, the project furnishes consulting, organization, invitation printing, publicity and catalogue publishing services. The catalogue is a chance for the artists to have their work published, and in so doing contributes to the recording of the art history of both Minas Gerais and Brazil, which has so far compiled a 10-year legacy of fine art shows.

Cemig’s "Cinema Grátis"

Feature Presentation – every Friday in a different neighborhood of the Greater Metropolitan Belo Horizonte area, Cemig presents its "Cinema Grátis". This free movie show revives the magic of the open-air shows of old, attracting audiences in need of leisure activities with an artistic flavor and in convenient locations.

In sponsoring the production of films Cemig is repaid in kind through the publicity generated.

Kite Festival

Out of the Art Gallery and into the streets, from complex paintings, sculptures and installations to a children’s game played with tissue paper, sticks and string. The Kite Festival: another one of Cemig’s initiatives which not only colors the skies of Belo Horizonte, but brings together thousands of families in the development and exhibition of their art and promotes leisure activities. Over the past 20 years, the Festival has attracted more than 35 thousand people and taught them how to live safely and risk free near the electrical network.

Cultural incentives

Cemig has been investing in cultural activities for more than 20 years. In the early eighties, Cemig made possible the restoration of the Matriz de Mariana church organ and began supporting the Clóvis Salgado Foundation – Palácio das Artes, which we continue to do today. We were the first to support the Grupo Galpão art troupe and for many years Cemig sponsored the Theatre Popularity Festival. The Company sponsors cultural festivals across the entire state such as the FESTIVALE and the Montes Claros International Folklore Festival. Cemig is also a partner in the winter festivals of three universities (UFMG, UNI-BH and FUNREY).

Cemig believes and invests in the preservation of Minas Gerais cultural heritage and has restored 120 properties, which are inscribed in the State heritage list and have been turned over to IEPHA – the State Institute for historical heritage.

Cemig values the promotion of cultural activities. Priority actions are determined through the identification of those cultural production segments in need of support. In this way, the Company involved itself in the production of short films in the State of Minas Gerais. The extra resources the Associação Curta Minas (Short films producers’ association) needed were supplied by the "Prêmio Primeiro Estímulo Para Curtas" (First Stimuli Prize for Short Films) that supported complete or partial subsidies for the production of 14 different short films. Already aware of the country’s potential for the production of short films and documentaries, Cemig also believes that this is also a way to subsidize for the country’s production of movies.


Cemig is taking part in projects concerning the research, restoration and maintenance of the state’s historical heritage in five museums. In Marmelos Zero, the first hydroelectric power plant in South America, visitors are invited to learn how energy was generated a century ago, thanks to the restoration of the plant built by Cemig, which stayed loyal to its original design. Moreover, the Museum promotes several technical and cultural activities planned for the community.

The Company has also invested in the overhauling of the Sítio Santana, in Barbacena, the villa in which the artist Emerick Marcier lived. With the support of Cemig and through the Federal Law for Cultural Incentives, the villa is to become a museum and a workshop for Marcier’s most renowned work, frescos, both open to the public.

In Belo Horizonte, Cemig is assisting the implementation of an important diorama in the Museum of Natural History of PUC-Minas University. It will reproduce the Cerrado Biome (typical Brazilian vegetation similar to the savannahs), enriched with the model of a cavern featuring stalactites and stalagmites as well as rupestrian (cave) paintings. Cemig also sponsors the revitalization of the State historical museum, Museu Mineiro, and is a member of the supporting board for the Murilo Mendes Studies Center in Juiz de Fora.

By fostering cultural development, safeguarding the environment and acting effectively with social awareness, the Company has demonstrated that during its nearly 50 years of existence it has always believed that its mission transcends its business.

Cemig works towards ensuring that its energy quality is of fundamental influence in the responsible fostering of the growth of both the identity and dignity of the society in which it was born and is so warmly welcomed.

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