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The Rational Use of Energy in Agriculture
Generating energy and progress in rural areas

The Mobile Training and Demonstration Unit was created to provide rural technicians and agriculturists with the necessary skills to make a more adequate use of energy in rural areas. This project enjoyed the partnership of Cemig, EMATER and GTZ – the German agency for technical cooperation.


This resourceful Mobile Unit features the necessary equipment to demonstrate the better use of electric energy and the right procedures for installation and handling of equipment.

When electrifying a rural property, Cemig educates consumers on the rational use of energy, thus providing for the population to benefit from the energy at its best, with no wastes and risks of accidents.

The Mobile Training and Demonstration Unit travels around the State, rendering publicity for the Project in Cattle Shows and Industrial Shows. The Unit is equipped with a VCR, a TV set and a variety of audio-visual devices that facilitate the transfer of knowledge.

Besides getting acquainted with the alternative energy sources and learning how to use energy safely and rationally, consumers are given the opportunity to get acquainted with the demo kits assembled onto the unit and with electro-mechanical equipment for rural activity.

Mobile Customer Service Agency

Cemig’s Mobile Customer Service Agency is available as an option to those customers living in places where telephones lines are not available and who do not benefit from direct contact with the company’s services. This trailer van travels throughout the state providing customers with service quotes, additional copies of the bills and promoting sales.

Through this Mobile Agency, information on Cemig’s electrification programs are made available to customers who also have a chance to learn about those household electrical appliances that bear the Procel (a Brazilian Energy Agency) stamp for energy efficiency and savings.

Energy for Life Truck - Generating energy and information

A survey conducted by Cemig identified a precariously low level of knowledge about the use of energy in households, industries, schools and rural areas. This has been the cause of a variety of incidents. The most common are those caused by close contact with energy conductors, short-circuits on poles, broken or fallen cables, defective grounding and fuse switches, and trees touching the lines.

The Energy for Life Program was created to inform the population on how to use energy more safely and rationally. This program, which boasts several different forms of media, is aimed at informing Cemig’s consumers on how to prevent and minimize the incidence of accidents with the electric network.

As part of this program, the Energy for Life Truck visits approximately 50 municipalities every year. Its sophisticated equipment is able to simulate from the energy consumption of a household to even an accident involving the electric network.

Among other attractions, the truck features a 4 x 2.2-meter computerized map of Minas Gerais on which power plants, substations and transmission lines can be spotted along with the 5.500 localities in the 774 municipalities serviced by Cemig.

Wherever it goes the Energy for Life Truck attracts people’s attention, be it in public squares, cattle shows or trade fairs all around the State. Everybody is invited to join Cemig on this knowledge trip in the universe of electric energy.

Electro Tips

The Electro Tips Mobile Unit was created to combat energy waste and inform customers on the efficient and safe ways of using energy.

Covering all the state in a cube-van, the program brings information to events, shows, and city and town anniversaries. All over Cemig’s concession area the population is made aware of the dangers of energy theft. Information on how to avoid household accidents and burnouts is also given.

The Electro Tips Mobile Unit also brings publicity for institutional data such as the company’s products and services, sales and the expansion projects for both the transmission and distribution lines.

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