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Cemig Generation and Transmission

Cemig Distribution

Capital Expenditure

In 2008, CEMIG invested R$ 1,353 million towards expansion of its generation system, its transmission assets and to extend its distribution system, plus its gas and telecommunications businesses, energy efficiency and other projects.

  • Forecasted investments for 2009 are R$ 970 billion searching:
  • Improve reliability of the transmission network.
  • Reduce number and duration of outages.
  • Reduce energy losses.
  • Expand market participation in the generation, transmission and distribution segments, even if through acquisitions.
  • Expand gas supply in Minas Gerais.
  • In all instances, return should be greater than the weighted average cost of capital.
Capital Expenditure Program – does not include acquisitions
Values in millions of reais
Business 2009 2010 2011 2012
CEMIG Generation and Transmission 133 88 89 101
CEMIG Distribution 837 609 552 571
TOTAL (1 + 2) 970 697 641 672


Expansion of Generation Capacity




Our capital investment plan submitted to ANEEL currently contemplates increasing the installed generation capacity of our hydroelectric facilities by 444 MW during the next years through the construction of new power plants and the expansion of existing plants. New generation projects have concession periods of 35 years, beginning on the date of the concession agreement.



Growth in Generation Capacity
Capacity – MW % CEMIG 2008 2009 2010 2012
Santo Antônio Hydro Power Plant 10 3,150
Cachoeirão Small Hydro Power Plant 49
Wind Farm Power Plant - Ceará 49 100
Pipoca Small Hydro Power Plant 49 20
Senhora do Porto Small Hydro Power Plant 49 12
Dores de Guanhães Small Hydro Power Plant 49 14
Jacaré Small Hydro Power Plant 49 9
Fortuna II Small Hydro Power Plant 49 9
Baguari Hydro Power Plant 34 140
Capacity under construction 204 3,150
% CEMIG 50 79 315
Total CEMIG 6,692 6,741 6,820 7,135


Expansion of Transmission Capacity




In accordance with the new regulatory framework in the Brazilian electricity sector, concessions for the expansion of the electricity transmission infrastructure in Brazil are awarded according to a public bidding system or are authorized by ANEEL.

Our transmission expansion plan will add 646 Kilometers through the construction of new lines.



Growth of Transmission Capacity
Transmission Lines Partners Length Kilometers Status
Furnas – Pimenta – 345 Kv Cemig/Furnas 75 2009
Charrua-Nueva Temuco – 220 Kv Cemig/Alusa 205 2009
EBTE Auction – 230 kV Cemig/EBTE 775 2010
% CEMIG   646  
TOTAL CEMIG 5,755 6,401  


Expansion of Distribution Capacity




Our distribution expansion plan for the next years is based on projections of market growth. We anticipate that this growth will be fueled by new customer connections, increases in electricity usage among our existing customers and additional electricity distribution needs from new IPP projects.



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